مجلس البطاركة والاساقفة الكاثوليك في لبنان
اللجنة الأسقفية لوسائل الإعلام في لبنان
المركز الكاثوليكي للإعلام في لبنان

Vatican and Jordanian institute underscore dignity of human life

The Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies of Jordan and the Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue discussed the dignity of human life during their colloquium in Amman, May 9-10.

By Robin Gomes

The Vatican and a Jordanian institute dedicated to inter-faith studies have issued a statement urging for the protection of and respect for human life, especially that of migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking.  

The call came from the delegates of the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS) and the Vatican’s Pontifical Council for Interreligious Dialogue (PCID), who held their fifth colloquium in the Jordanian capital Amman, May 9–10, on the theme, “Religions and the Dignity of Life: Christian and Muslim Viewpoints”. 

 At the end of their meeting, the participants issued a joint declaration stating that “life is God’s gift to all members of the one human family; therefore, it should be protected from itsconception to its natural end.” 

The colloquium also underscored that the human being is the apex of creation, endowed withdignity, rights and duties, hence each deserves respect, love and all means necessary for a dignified life.

RIIFS and PCID said “migrants, refugees and victims of human trafficking deserve special attention and care, to have their life and dignity safeguarded, taking into account the anthropological meaning of suffering.”

The meeting also urged that young people be educated to “respect creation and the dignity of life,” taking into account the negative phenomena in our societies.

At the end of their colloquium, the RIIFS and the PCID signed  a Memorandum of Understanding to continue and their ongoing and fruitful collaboration.