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اللجنة الأسقفية لوسائل الإعلام في لبنان
المركز الكاثوليكي للإعلام في لبنان

Maronite Bishops: Any delay in forming government will prevent economic recovery, jeopardize financial stability

NNA - The Maronite Bishops held their monthly meeting at the Bkirki Patriarchate under the chairmanship of Maronite Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Bechara Boutros Rahi, with talks touching on national and church affairs.

At the end of the meeting, a statement was issued reading the following:
"Fathers are concerned about the political tensions causing structural fluctuations in the economic sector in Lebanon, and a decline in more than one economic field, despite the efforts being made in this regard. It is known that a stable financial sector requires the activation of productive economic structures. Any delay in the formation of the government will prevent economic recovery and thus jeopardize financial stability."

According to the statement, Bishops discussed “the naturalization decrees issued since 1994, their violation of the law and their negative impact on coexistence,” thus "affirming that citizenship is closely linked to the identity, the dignity, the sovereignty and the higher interests of the nation, and it must not be underestimated under any pretext."

"Fathers hoped to activate the law on the restoration of citizenship, (...) so as to restore this right to those who truly deserve it," the statement added.

Pertaining to the issue of displaced Syrians and their right to return to their homeland, Bishops stressed "two main points: First, the need to reach agreement on a comprehensive national plan on displacement and the return of displaced persons to the country; a plan to be adopted by the government as Lebanon's official stance in that regard, so that it be heard regionally and internationally. Second, it is necessary to work on the basis of this plan with the relevant international authorities and organizations, because the crisis in Syria is a greater burden than to be faced by Lebanon alone, or in isolation from clear and meaningful coordination with those authorities and organizations."