مجلس البطاركة والاساقفة الكاثوليك في لبنان
اللجنة الأسقفية لوسائل الإعلام في لبنان
المركز الكاثوليكي للإعلام في لبنان

Chile: A Song for Pope Francis

“With One Voice” is the title of the song, recorded by 17 Catholic singers of Chile, to give Pope Francis a warm welcome, when he visits the country from January 15-18.

The song, written by Marcela Gael, was chosen for its message of profound faith. As the official site of the Apostolic Visit “Francis in Chile” states, the author explained that God touched her heart while she was composing the text of the song, inspired by words of Pope Francis expressed in Messages, Addresses and Exhortations. All the singers said they were very happy with the visible result on Youtube.

Translation by Virginia M. Forrester

Zenit 11/1/2018